RSCDS AGM report held at the Bell's Sports Centre, Perth, 7/11/15



Jim Healy, chairman, opened the AGM & invited our newly appointed Executive Officer Gillian Wilson to read out a supportive message from Her Majesty the Queen.

3.  Society Scrolls of Honour were presented to:

Stuart Adam - Edinburgh Branch;

John & Jennifer Kelly - San Francisco Branch (founded Red Thistle dancers);

George Meikle - Dunfries Branch.


As Jim Cook (nominated by International Branch) was unable to attend the meeting we were advised that he will be presented with his in the near future (has since been awarded);

5.  No corrections or challenges were made to the minutes therefore adopted.

6.  Appointment of officer bearers:

President - no nominations therefore to remain unfilled currently;

Vice-president - no nominations therefore to remain unfilled currently;


Treasurer - William A Cant, carried therefore confirmed as Treasurer.

7.  Chairman's comments
He welcomed Gillian Wilson, Education Officer (EO), & made several jokes/light hearted comments regarding the RSCDS, all good natured.

8.  Annual Report & Accounts given by William Cant.
Getting up to speed re the accounts were a challenge. Current full accounts are available on the RSCDS website.  47K operating deficit for the year but 82K investment gain (stock market an all time high on 31/3) meant 35K surplus but RSCDS cannot rely on investments for the future financial planning; Coates Crescent still to be valued but currently down as 8K!!!

9.  Auditor appointment - Alexander Sloane, proposed & seconded but not actually carried as no vote was taken: unsure what action HQ has taken since to rectify this error.

10.  Activities update given:

Philip Whitley (Membership services)- digital downloads progressing & all books are now or going online for purchasing. The RSCDS, entered on YouTube, will now show dance videos & streaming is available. 

Sue Porter (E&T) - summer school attendance increased overall but some weeks were down dramatically. Jim Stott will be the new Summer School director in 2016.  Winter School 2016 (Janet Johnstone director) is now full.  The exam system is being reviewed, with a lead in time once any necessary changes are ready.


Technical advisory panel FAQs can be found under 'Help' on the website. 


Teachers Association conference will be held on the Friday of 2016 AGM.

Roy Bain (Youth Services) - looking for two more members for the committee. Day School/workshops ongoing throughout the year.  Spring Fling with 80+ dancers in London April '15 (Edinburgh '16 & Bonn '17). Jigs & Reels is being used worldwide & dance trad was launched earlier this year.  Work with schools progressing. Youth Branch up & running & strong ties with it.

Gillian Wilson, new EO & secretary, introduced herself; building on global initiatives including STV appeal.

Chairman - The RSCDS is now incorporated.

11.  Committees, members appointed:

Convenor of Membership Services - Anselm Lingnau

Convenor elect E&T - no nominations

Management Board - Paul Plummer (3 vacancies still)

E&T - Pat Houghton, Mervyn Short & Alison Robertson

Membership - Chris Ronald.

12.  Motion to increase subscription by 2 to 20 was debated, with good arguments both for & against.  A new electronic voting system was used, the result being declared as 184 for, 145 against & 2 abstentions, therefore the motion was carried.  It needs to be noted here though that we were not told how many votes were in the gift of the chairman (some Branches had not sent delegates or provided a Proxy therefore we understand that the Chairman was able to use their votes).  


13.  The vote of thanks was very ably given by Andrew Kellett.